This is my first blog post out of four that will discuss my term studying Strategic Fashion Management.

In our first week, we had an introduction into the year and then the term itself. There was to be a new method of group assessment by which we would receive a case study one week before assessment. This was bootcamp style presentations.

My group were included in the first set to present, which was daunting at first, but actually I felt that the task went well and it was a relief to get it out of the way.

The case study that we received was about Shang Xia (meaning ‘up down’), a Chinese luxury brand not long founded by Jiang Qiong’er and Patrick Thomas from Hermès. It is regarded as the ‘Chinese Hèrmes’ but respectfully they have kept their distance and they are totally separate brands as opposed to a sub-brand.

The principles of Shang Xia were to bring back traditional Chinese elements to the modern era, with it’s focus on artisanal craftsmanship. The Asian consumer are the largest spenders on luxury in the world, from many western brands, that there was a gap in the market, with the opportunity to bring the essence of China to the present time.

As a whole, the presentation went well, and we discussed relevant theories and suitable strategy recommendations for the future.

Our team worked well together, but the concept of a bootcamp style presentation was difficult to prepare for as matching one another’s schedules after university hours tended to be quite troublesome, and this was definitely feedback received from other members of the year.

Reflecting back, this was a great experience and a new style of assessment that went quite well for me, but I was very fortunate to work with great girls who put effort in as well.

I learnt about a new brand and a new market, and this is always useful when learning about fashion globally, as sometimes topics studied can be vague as there is so much to cover. I enjoy case studies like this.

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