Going to see Dolce & Gabbana was such an amazing experience.

I don’t ever go to Harrods, so I strangely hadn’t heard about the display until the week of the visit.

The turn-out of students was actually quite shocking, but for those of us who did attend, it meant that we had a more intimate tour of two groups instead of four. We had so many members of staff from Harrods take the time to show us around, and we also had two ladies from the D&G team fly over from Italy. It made us all feel so privileged to receive such a detailed tour.

For our group, we had two members of the Harrods team from advertising and management, as well as one member of the Dolce and Gabbana merchandising team showing our group around.

We learnt so much about the history of the Sicilian Christmas traditions, and their meaning, as well as the strategy behind Harrods Christmas display, to break the mould of being a traditional, quintessentially English brand, which a suitablymatching Christmas display. This was to be a new experience and strategy from both members of the team, Harrods and Dolce & Gabbana. They were both doing something new and exciting in order to create a buzz with consumers, and it is working!

There is a little D&G all over the store, whether it was the lights, or the advertising. There was such a fun element behind it all, and learning about it from the tour made it even more special.

The best strategy that I was able to see in practice was the D&G market upstairs. It was all set up like a Sicilian market, with fruit and vegetables (fake of course!) and a carousel, little black boards and chalk prices.

They even had D&G spaghetti for £5! If this isn’t a conversation starter for in-store experience then I don’t know what else would be! They had tote bags with hashtag motifs. It really was remarkable.

This opportunity really was such a learning experience of how well strategy works in practice, and I learnt more about the brand than I ever had before. The puppets of Domenico and Stefano brought such a fun element to the display, which is a great way to create a brand identity and culture that can be perceived by the consumer.

Until next time.

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