This is my second blog post discussing Strategic Fashion Management.

This is to reflect on our trips out of university to the V&A to see the Balenciaga exhibition.

The Thursday following my group presentations on Shang Xia, we went on a trip to the V&A. We were presented to by one of the curators, who went into much detail about the exhibition, and the history behind each garment.

It was interesting to learn about the Haute-Couture and the celebrities who had worn some of these pieces, as now, Pret-a-Porter is very much the ruler of business in the fashion industry, and where the main profit lies for so many luxury brands.

If we put this into practice, I learnt how some of my large fashion houses around the world, have created a market positioning that will not shift, due to their history and reputation built on the foundations of Haute-Couture. This strategy is what has made so many brands so recognisable. The clothes were very beautiful, and were original designs of the time, and it was a great experience.

Until next time.

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